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DM-Radio today

Dear Kettle fans, Today I’ll be joining Eric Kavanagh and Jim Ericson on the DM Radio show for an episode titled “On the move: Why ETL is here to stay”. If you’re interested in listening in, don’t forget to register at the landing page over here. All the best, Matt

Streaming XML content parsing with StAX

Today, one of our community members posted a deviously simply XML format on the forum that needed to be parsed.  The format looks like this: <RESPONSE> <EXPR>USD</EXPR> <EXCH>GBP</EXCH> <AMOUNT>1</AMOUNT> <NPRICES>1</NPRICES> <CONVERSION> <DATE>Fri, 01 Jun 2001 22:50:00 GMT</DATE> <ASK>1.4181</ASK> <BID>1.4177</BID> </CONVERSION> <EXPR>USD</EXPR> <EXCH>JPY</EXCH> <AMOUNT>1</AMOUNT> <NPRICES>1</NPRICES> <CONVERSION> <DATE>Fri, 01 Jun 2001 22:50:02

MySQL User Conference 2010

Dear Kettle and MySQL fans, Next week I’ll be strolling around the MySQL user conference in Santa Clara.  Even better, I’ll be presenting Tuesday afternoon (3:05pm).  The topic is Pentaho Data Integration 4.0 and MySQL. The presentation will show you what the world’s most popular open source data integration tool

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