IRC ##pentaho

Of-course there are the crazies, but usually we have a good time over on ##pentaho IRC.

Yesterday we had our very first community event when Doug “Spanky” Moran hosted a dial-in to talk about what was up in the community.

Today, I learned about regular andresF his blog.

Internet Relay Chat is old technology that has existed for quite a while now, but to me it doesn’t lose it’s appeal. Over at FOSDEM I learned that there are companies like MySQL that have private channels to communicate “non-intrusively” with colleagues. “Maybe some developer can help me with this stupid problem. I’ll just drop a question on the channel.” It’s a good idea, we should consider it for Pentaho too.

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  • Mark

    IRC is more than that to us within MySQL in fact – we run a lot of our internal support operations via IRC, the majority of support communication is done via IRC, with alerting systems set up by IRC bots about support issues, by pulling info from our issue tracking system etc. It’s part of our workflow day in and day out.. 🙂

    Of course, yes this also gives us immediate access to developers, management sometimes (they do not always sit on IRC, but join for phone conferences etc.), documentation people etc.

    It is quite central to many of our operations, with regards to team communications etc.

  • That’s very interesting Mark. So in stead of worrying that it would consume too much time, you guys see it as a communications method.
    That being said, if you’re working on something and don’t want to be disturbed, I can imagine that IRC can be a bit intrusive. Do you have any guidelines for handling that situation? Is it recommended that you are logged onto IRC all the time and just don’t reply if you’re not around? Or can you just be out of the loop for a while?

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Bryan

    We make heavy use of descriptive nicknames. Right now my nickname is “bryan|weekend” implying that I am not working, but I might be around. If you are busy and don’t want to be disturbed you can use bryan|busy or even better bryan|working_on_x. People can still reach you if you are urgently needed but generally people will honor your busy status.

  • Mozilla makes very heavy use of IRC as well. Most of is open to all and the #firefox and #developers channels are always busy. We have backchannels for company related stuff (like the admin channel where our nagios bot spews out IT related events). Our weekly public company meetings are held on both conference call and in IRC.

    People make extensive use of descriptive nicknames as well, lots of -mtg tags floating around during the day.

    Especially for an OSS company, I think it is a great way to remain connected with remote resources and with the community at large.