Help OpenMRS!!!

My friend and colleague Julian Hyde of Mondrian fame just blogged about this: help out the OpenMRS project , please!

The folks behind the OpenMRS are helping to improve the health-care systems in developing countries. More in particular, they are fighting AIDS with this software. OpenMRS has certainly shown to be up to the task at hand: it is currently tracking the medical conditions of over a million people in 12 countries.

Because of the exponential growth of users, this project is in urgent need of BI manpower. Julian and myself have both agreed to help out with strategical advice for the BI part of OpenMRS.

If you want to be part of the team, if you know a bit about the Pentaho Platform, Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle), Pentaho Analysis (Mondrian), MySQL and/or reporting, let us know the sooner the better and help us make the world a better place. Maybe you are a student or someone with limited income and maybe you are looking for an opportunity to brush up your BI skills. In that case the OpenMRS project can offer you some money to help you out for a few months too.

Please help Julian and me spread the word about this fantastic win-win opportunity.

Come work with us to help OpenMRS create a BI solution that saves lives.

Thank you in advance,



  • Hi,

    I am the architect and co-coordinator of a University project which is building an education EHR portal platform (i.e. hosting) for EHR/EPR software, and we have now implemented OpenMRS.

    I am also currently doing a MSc in Healthcare Informatics, and will be writing about this educational EHR portal and the software that we host, and would like to get to know more about OpenMRS. Is there a community that I can join for this?

    Brian Armstrong

  • Hi Brian,

    I’m happy to say that since this blog post appeared, many BI people have opted to help out OpenMRS and more are still welcome.
    You can find the community links on their wiki:

    All the best,