Getting ready for MySQL Santa Clara

Few!  After a long trip (10 hours flight) I’m spending all the time left on preparations for my talks on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hard work.  You know, like going to a basball game, watching the San Francisco Giants beat the Arizona Diamondbacks with a nice homerun by Barry Bonds.

Zito, the other Barry, pitched a really nice game to help win the game with 1-0.
Aside from all that fun, from an geek viewpoint, I think the video screens in the ballpark are simply awesome.

Until next time,



  • Paul Van Brabant

    Hi Matt,
    Seems very attractive, your stay overthere. Enjoy the presentations.
    If your are back in Europe, lets have a chat to discuss some issues

  • Hey neighbour,

    Feel free to drop in any time next week.
    I won’t be doing any “real” work with the 9 hours the jet-lag to recover anyway 🙂

    All the best,