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This website contains links to useful resources concerning the Kettle open source data integration project.

Blogs & Articles

Matt Casters on Data Integration and Graphs
Getting set up with Kettle and Neo4j (Medium)

Downloads (>1GB)
kettle-neo4j-remix- (>1GB)
kettle-neo4j-remix- (build log with version info)
Basic documentation for this Remix download (UNSTABLE, >1GB)
kettle-neo4j-remix-beam- (UNSTABLE, >1GB)
kettle-neo4j-remix-beam- (build log with version info)

WebSpoon docker image with Neo4j solutions plugins

Kettle plugins for Neo4j

Neo4j plugins for Kettle
Kettle Neo4j Logging

Kettle plugins

Needful Things
Data sets and unit testing
Load Text From File (Apache Tika)
Metastore utilities
Read from MongoDB changes stream
Azure Event Hubs

Kettle integration with Apache Beam

Kettle Beam