Executing Talend Jobs in Kettle

Dear Kettle friends,

I know a number of you have been asking for this feature to facilitate your migration projects for a while. However, today the “Talend Job Execution” job entry has finally arrived in Kettle!

Take a look at this screen shot demonstrating how easy it is to integrate:

Executing a Talend Job in Kettle: screenshot

The way that this works is by first doing an export of your job in Talend Open Studio:

Then you can configure your new job entry:

The name of the class can be derived from the generated code in TOS “Code” tab (behind your Designer view).

I’m looking forward to your (non-hostile, non-flamebait, non-trolling as always) comments!

Until next time,


P.S. You can see this new job entry yourself in the upcoming PDI 4.2 milestone release or download it now from CI.


  • Hey Matt,

    it was just the “1st April” that – if one would believe in a competition between PDI and Talend – makes this post twilighted somehow. (Sorry, hard to express, what I want to say, in English.)
    Anyway, cool idea!

    (Talend Employee)

  • Hi Thomas,

    As they say in English, there indeed was a “double entendre” in the post for April 1st in the sense that everyone thought this was an April Fool’s joke when in fact the “Talend Job Execution” job entry works fine.

    Contrary to what I stated in the post, there is very little competition between Pentaho and Talend. We do see Talend occasionally in the sales process but usually customers made up their mind one way or another beforehand. This is mainly thanks to the nature of open source software where people can make up their minds themselves without the need for FUD from an aggressive closed source sales team.

    As a compliment to Talend it was actually fairly easy to integrate the job in Kettle. It would have been better if there was a more metadata based standard approach to doing that (without the need to specify the class name) but it wasn’t all that hard.

    On a side note, Pentaho will be doing more of this sort of thing in 2011. We will also try to announce support for Jaspersoft and BIRT reports on the BI Server. They’re already supported but we want to bring that support on par with the latest versions.

    The question in all of this is not “why?” but rather “why not?” since this is all open source software and the possibilities are endless.

    Best of luck at Talend and thanks for the kind remarks!


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  • Sean

    Hi Matt,

    I know this is an older post but I finally got around to trying it. I keep getting class not found exception even though I followed everything exactly. I’m using 4.2.0 M1 (I downloaded it to try the web service piece). On talend side, I’m using 4.1.2. In case you’ve any insight, I’ll appreciate it.


  • Sean


    Follow up to my earlier query. If I start spoon fresh, I can execute this job (very nice). If I try to execute it a second time, it tells me “class not found.” Strange.

    I am not too familiar with java but if you say so, I’ll open a bug report. I am just not sure enough if it is not a “user error” 🙁

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for the feedback Sean. We’re creating class loaders to load the Talend code. I think we should keep those around for each file executed in the event we need to use it again. Otherwise the class loader and the class needs to get specifically unloaded and that can get messy.

    I created this bug for you: http://jira.pentaho.com/browse/PDI-6142

  • I think your bug fix works great. Now this job is very usable.
    Thank you!

  • srinivas

    Thanks matt. it really helped me a lot